Women Are Like Earth: Becoming Vital Through Feminine Energy Cultivation.

This book is for women who have a desire to be vital and vibrant, and are looking for simple and effective practices they can easily incorporate into their busy life. Through beautiful meditations and gentle graceful movements of Qigong, women can replenish their mind, body and spirit for timeless ageless beauty. Through learning how to embrace their feminine powers, and especially their emotional and sexual energy, women can banish stress and overwhelm, stop being afraid of aging and reclaim their beauty, body, spirituality, confidence and inner peace.

Letting Go of the Dragon getting rid of speech anxiety reduce eliminate stuttering talk with confidence

Letting Go of the Dragon: 7 Keys to Effortless Speech. 

Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D. uses her personal journey toward overcoming severe stuttering to explore secrets of effortless speech. Dr. Anna presents a compelling evidence that by adapting new ways of thinking individuals can arrive at the “zone” and achieve freedom and confidence as speakers.