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Dr. Anna Margolina

Integrative Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis works! Hypnotherapy delivers positive messages to your unconscious mind bypassing conscious resistance. It works fast and creates lasting results. 

Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D. is dedicated to you being your absolute best mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She offers convenient Zoom (online)  sessions. No matter where in the world you are – you can start resolving your struggles now.  

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Imagine Breathing with Ease 


Today’s life is becoming more and more stressful. Hypnosis is the fastest way to comfort, ease and relaxation. Take a mental vacation and allow your mind help you relax and find easy solutions.

Mind Expansion and Creativity


Sometimes in life you may get stuck trying to push through an obstacle. Many people learn to push through challenges. This may become  a source of stress and unhappiness. What if there was another way? What if you could make it easy and enjoyable? 

Staying Uplifted


Just because someone tries to puncture your bubble, doesn’t mean you have to let your air out. The key is to make a choice to stay uplifted. 

You can be happy right now!

Don’t wait for life to become better. Build yourself stronger so you could be happy right now.

Are You Ready to Go Deeper?

Hypnosis sessions

Hypnotherapy is a safe, gentle and self-empowering modality which works with your unconscious mind. Integrative hypnotherapy includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mindful breathing, Qigong, energy healing and other modern and ancient healing tools. You go into a deeply, focused, restful and relaxing, very pleasant state to resolve unconscious blocks, let go of old emotional pains and reconnect to your gifts and powers.

One 90-min session $200

4-session package $750

Email: [email protected]


Hypnosis coaching.

 Dr. Anna is dedicated to help you be your absolute best on all levels: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Learn how you can use your mind and energy to start thriving now and be happy now. 

Her 3-month, 6-month and 9-month hypno-coaching programs blend ancient spiritual  practices of the Tao and modern state-of-the-art hypnotherapy methods. 

You will learn holistic methods of healing your body, mind and spirit, reconnect to your core truth and re-discover your unique gifts and wisdom. 



Taoist Emotional Energy Alchemy Qigong.

Learn ancient practices for restoring your energy, clearing toxic energy codes, replenishing vibrant and positive emotions and building your inner strength. 

Dr. Anna Margolina is certified by Grandmaster Mantak Chia to teach Tao Basics, Healing Love and Iron Shirt. 

If you have any blocked emotions they will start flowing, bringing your insights and delightful transformation. If you have unanswered questions, you will get answers from within.  Conflicts and problems will come to surprising and easy resolutions and you may emerge transformed.

Sessions are on Zoom or outdoors in nature in the Seattle area (seasonal).





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