Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D. is a speaker, teacher, workshop leader, published author and a passionate mind explorer. Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, she ignites curiosity and provokes questions opening her listeners and clients to the new realms of possibilities.  

Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D. is a graduate of the Russian Medical University in Moscow, Master’s Degree in Medical Biophysics and Ph.D. in biology, former researcher, author and beauty science expert with the Russian Cosmetics and Medicine Journal, and currently a holistic hypnotherapist and Universal Healing Tao instructor.

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Welcome to the transformative world of Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D., an esteemed professional with a multidisciplinary background that spans the realms of science, holistic healing, and the mind-body connection.

Driven by a passion for understanding the intricate interplay between biology, psychology, and wellness, Dr. Anna brings a wealth of expertise and a diverse skill set to guide individuals toward optimal health and personal growth.

Education forms the cornerstone of Dr. Anna Margolina’s journey. Armed with a Master’s in Medical Biophysics and a Ph.D. in Biology from the esteemed Russian Medical State University, her foundation in scientific understanding is unparalleled.

Certified across various modalities by renowned institutions such as the International Hypnosis Federation, Bennet/Stellar University, and under the mentorship of luminaries like Dr. Richard Bandler and Master Mantak Chia, Dr. Anna has honed a unique skill set that integrates traditional medical knowledge with alternative therapies.

As a Master Hypnotist and Medical Hypnosis Specialist, Dr. Anna Margolina Ph.D. empowers individuals to tap into their subconscious resources for healing and transformation.

Dr. Anna’s expertise in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Holistic Hypnosis creates a profound space for self-discovery and healing, allowing individuals to explore and overcome deep-seated challenges.

Furthermore, Dr. Anna Margolina is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trauma Release Specialist, utilizing cutting-edge techniques to alleviate the burdens of pain and instill a sense of empowerment and resilience.

With extensive training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Design Human Engineering, Dr. Anna offers dedicated individuals an organizations tools for personal growth, communication enhancement, and cognitive restructuring.

Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D. is a Master Reiki practitioner and a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor, integrating energy work and ancient practices for holistic well-being.

Dr. Anna’s expertise in Tao Basics, Iron Shirt, Qigong warmups, and Healing Love form a comprehensive approach to harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you seek personal transformation, relief from emotional pain, or a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, Dr. Anna Margolina offers a unique blend of expertise and compassion to guide you or your team on your journey towards holistic wellness and self-discovery.

 Join the community of individuals who have experienced the profound impact of Dr. Anna’s integrative approach to holistic living and well-being by inviting Dr. Anna Margolina Ph.D. be a speaker at your events, a facilitator of a transformative workshop, or a dedicated guide on your personal journey. 


Master’s in Medical Biophysics and Ph.D. in Biology from the Russian Medical State University,

Master Hypnotist (International Hypnosis Federation),

Medical Hypnosis Specialist (Hypnotherapy for Health)

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (International Hypnosis Federation),

Past Life Regression Specialist (International Hypnosis Federation),

Holistic Hypnosis Specialist (International Hypnosis Federation),

Clinical Hypnotherapist (Bennet/Stellar University),

Trauma Release Specialist (Bennet/Stellar University),

Master NLP Practitioner (Dr. Richard Bandler),

Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Dr. Richard Bandler),

Design Human Engineer (Dr. Richard Bandler),

Specialist practitioner in Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning (Dr. Richard Bandler),

Specialist Practitioner in Strategic NLP and Hypnotic Patterns for Learning.

Master Reiki (Bennet/Stellar University),

Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor in Tao Basics, Iron Shirt, Qigong warmups, Healing Love  (Master Mantak Chia).