Dr. Anna Margolina

Integrative Hypnotherapy  


Integrative Hypnotherapy is a holistic professional hypnotherapy service which helps achieve inner peace and balance within through modern and ancient mind/body/spirit technology.

Discover the powers of your unconsious mind through hypnotherapy with Dr. Anna Margolina

Stressed? Low on energy? Feeling depleted? Watch this video to learn how to uplift your own spirit. 

You have more control than you think with hypnosis. Stop giving your power away. You can stay uplifted and keep your energy high. 

This is a fragment of Dr. Anna’s presentation on Weight Loss hypnosis where she talks about food cravings and why it is important not to fight them, but rather learn how to use their power.

Hypnosis is a scientifically validated modality which works through bypassing conscious resistance and allowing beneficial ideas to enter the unconscious mind. When induced by a trained professional, it is a safe and highly effective approach which makes positive transformations easy and pleasant. 


The Inner Smile is a foundational practices of Taoist Inner Energy Alchemy practices, which are a part of Dr. Anna’s Energy Mastery Programs. It is a safe, easy and powerful practice which helps balance and clear emotions. 

Learn More About Dr. Anna

Dr. Anna Margolina Ph.D. is a hypnotherapist, speaker, author, Master NLP practitioner and Qigong instructor. She started her career as a scientist in Russia. 

Certification and Training

PhD in Biology from the Russian Medical State University,

Dr. Anna Margolina holds the following professional certificates: Master Hypnotist (International Hypnosis Federation), Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (International Hypnosis Federation), Past Life Regression Specialist (International Hypnosis Federation), Clinical Hypnotherapist (Bennet/Stellar University), Trauma Release Specialist (Bennet/Stellar University), Master NLP Practitioner (Dr. Richard Bandler), Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Dr. Richard Bandler), Design Human Engineer (Dr. Richard Bandler), Specialist practitioner in Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning (Dr. Richard Bandler), Specialist Practitioner in Strategic NLP and Hypnotic Patterns for Learning. Master Reiki (Bennet/Stellar University), Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor Tao Basics, Iron Shirt, Qigong warmups, Healing Love  (Master Mantak Chia).