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Breaking the Misunderstanding of Trauma, Healing and Stress.

My Story

I grew up in Russia in a family of scientists. They were my mom and dad; I was not a science experiment. I grew up an intelligent and bright child; however, I had one problem which created a great deal of stress.

I stuttered so badly (or should I say, so well) that I couldn’t even say my own name. Yet, I never stuttered when I talked to my dog. I still think dogs are the best listeners. They do not judge. (Cats are a very different story.)

Many years of therapy only entrenched a belief that I was different, broken and wrong. I struggled with a feeling of unworthiness and anxiety. Every attempt to connect to other people was stressful and painful. I couldn’t shake a feeling that I am unable to express my true self.

It was not until I moved to the United States of America that I discovered a new way to look at my struggle. Through hypnotherapy and Taoist Energy Alchemy practices, I was able to realize that stuttering was not a speech issue. I had to discover who I was and what my core truth has been trying to tell me all these years.

Once I got out of the trauma maze, I started amazing myself with my spiritual gifts. Since then I delivered hundreds of speeches, taught classes and seminars and up to this day, I enjoy expressing myself with power and joy.

I also noticed that I started looking younger, lost weight, and changed my eating habits. In the past I was disorganized and inconsistent (a word disorder means dis-order). Today, I have discipline for daily meditation and Qigong practices, which I thoroughly enjoy. This lead me to letting go of a problem-oriented approach and toward a whole mind-body-spirit healing approach.

Today, I know that my clients are not weak or broken. They have magical powers and spiritual gifts. Once reconnected to their core truth, they shine brightly and live a life of fulfillment and freedom.

If I could change my life, so can you. I am not special, but the tools and practices which I use are. As I discovered, it is the truth which sets you free. If freedom is what you desire, then truth is what you need.

Ultimately, everything is energy and it is through understanding your own energy patterns and through releasing unhealthy and harmful imprints that your body, mind and spirit can come together and engage fully into a beautiful dance of life.

Love and Light,
Dr. Anna