Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D., was born and raised in the former Soviet Union, in Russia.

Her upbringing was steeped in a scientific milieu, thanks to her parents, both accomplished scientists, who instilled in her a profound adoration for the wonders of science from her earliest years.

Anna Margolina

Growing up, Anna developed an inherent fascination with the natural world and a keen curiosity for the intricate mechanisms within the human body. This passion led her to pursue a dual path in medicine and biology.

In 1996, she earned her Master’s Degree in Medical Biophysics from the esteemed Russian State Medical University in Moscow, setting the foundation for her academic journey. Subsequently, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she embarked on her Ph.D. in Biology, further deepening her expertise in her chosen field.

Following her academic pursuits, Dr. Anna ventured into the realm of editorial and research roles, contributing significantly to the Russian Cosmetics and Medicine Journal. This esteemed scientific publication focused on advancements in skincare, where her expertise found a platform for exploration and dissemination.

Her literary contributions extended beyond articles, culminating in the creation of several influential books. Among these, “The New Cosmetology,” co-authored with Elena Hernandez, Ph.D., swiftly ascended to become a cherished and indispensable resource within the sphere of Russian skincare professionals. Renowned as both a beloved guide and a fundamental textbook, its insights and teachings have left an enduring mark on the field.

In 2001, Dr. Anna embarked on a new chapter in her life, relocating to the United States to join her husband and two daughters. In her adopted homeland, she delved into the realm of scientific consultancy within the cosmetic industry, lending her expertise to companies in both the U.S. and Israel. Her contributions as a science consultant enriched the formulation and development of cosmetic products, bridging her wealth of knowledge from Russia with the innovative landscapes of her new surroundings. She contributed to a new book, this time in English, working alongside with Dr. Loren Pickart, Ph.D. a discoverer of a groundbreaking copper-peptide GHK-Cu. The book “Reverse Skin Aging” absorbed her expertise and unique perspective. 

In 2009, Dr. Anna’s intellectual pursuits took an intriguing turn toward understanding the intricate mechanisms of the human mind. Her quest for knowledge led her to study under the tutelage of the esteemed Dr. Richard Bandler, the pioneering mind behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This transformative experience ignited her interest in delving deeper into the realms of hypnosis, leading her to study under revered figures in the field like Mary Lee LaBay and Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, among other influential authorities.

Simultaneously, she embarked on a journey into the ancient practices of the Universal Healing Tao, undertaking immersive studies guided by the wisdom of Grandmaster Mantak Chia in the serene landscapes of Thailand. This multifaceted exploration expanded her understanding of the mind-body connection, blending contemporary techniques with age-old wisdom in her pursuit of holistic healing and wellness.

This transformative journey culminated in Dr. Anna’s publication of several influential books, notably “Letting Go of The Dragon: The 7 Keys to Effortless Speech.” Within its pages, Anna courageously recounts her personal struggle with childhood stuttering, offering a poignant narrative of her liberation from its grasp through the transformative tools of NLP and hypnosis. Her book serves as a beacon of hope and guidance, illuminating the path to effortless speech through the seven keys she discovered on her profound journey to liberation and self-expression.

Letting Go of the Dragon getting rid of speech anxiety reduce eliminate stuttering talk with confidence

Dr. Anna’s literary repertoire expands beyond boundaries, encompassing a diverse array of insightful works. Among these are “Women Are Like Earth: Becoming Vital Through Feminine Energy Cultivation,” a profound exploration into Taoist practices tailored for women, illuminating the transformative power of feminine energy cultivation.

“Hypnosis for Happiness: Feel Good and Live Your Dream” stands as a dedicated guide brimming with practical tools aimed at fostering happiness and unlocking the potential for a fulfilled life.

In a departure from traditional literature, Dr. Anna ventured into the realm of creative storytelling with “Witches,” an illustrated short story weaving a captivating narrative around two women healers—one young and unseasoned, the other, seasoned and wise—immersing readers in a tale rich with wisdom and healing.

Her forthcoming work, “Chi Kung for Radiant Skin: Taoist Secrets for Inner and Outer Beauty,” co-authored with Grandmaster Mantak Chia, is slated for release in May 2024. This highly anticipated book promises to unveil the profound Taoist secrets that foster both inner vitality and outer beauty, offering readers a transformative journey towards radiant skin and holistic well-being.

Presently, Dr. Anna stands as a beacon in the realm of holistic healing, embracing roles as a revered hypnotherapist, Universal Healing Tao Qigong instructor, and an astute lecturer. Her multifaceted expertise extends to her role as a talented trainer and workshop facilitator, where she orchestrates classes and seminars that serve as transformative gateways for participants.

Through her immersive sessions, Dr. Anna imparts not just knowledge but also facilitates a profound experiential transformation, offering attendees practical tools to navigate life towards fulfillment. Her workshops resonate deeply, providing attendees with the means to cultivate a more enriched existence, touching upon facets of mind, body, and spirit in a harmonious blend of wisdom and practicality.