Dr. Anna Margolina Ph.D. is a hypnotherapist, speaker, author, Master NLP practitioner and Qigong instructor.

She started her career as a scientist in Russia. She grew up in a family of scientists and learned to love and appreciate science since an early age.

She graduated from the Russian Medical State University with a Master’s Degree in Medical Biophysics and then got her Ph.D. in biology.

She became a science editor and consultant with the Russian Cosmetics and Medicine Journal. During her years here, she published a number of books, which are still used as textbooks in the Russian cosmetic industry. She proved without a doubt that a quest for Beauty can be science.

When she came to America in 2001, she brought her trailblazing spirit with her. When she became interested in hypnosis, she didn’t stop at getting certified. She studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with a co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and holds a number of professional certifications from Dr. Bandler and the Society of NLP.

She traveled to Thailand and studied ancient spiritual practices of Tao Masters with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. She even attended Master Chia’s famous Darkness Retreat. 

In addition to working with clients, she has been relentlessly researching science behind meditation and hypnosis.

In 2019, she passed her certifications and became a certified Universal Tao Instructor qualified to teach Taoist Inner Alchemy Basics, Iron Shirt Qigong and Healing Love. 

Today, she enhances Taoist spiritual practices with hypnosis to combine the benefits of meditation and hypnosis. 

Dr. Anna is convinced that science needs spirituality and spirituality needs science.

She also believes that hypnosis can bridge the gap between modern neuroscience and ancient spiritual practices. 


Many clients call her “magic.” Yet, she insists that this magic is available to each and every one of us and can be accessible in hypnosis.

From clients (confidentiality is preserved): 

“Anna, your recording worked like a charm. I went to sleep without any trouble.”


“Words cannot express how grateful I am. I am feeling so much lighter.”


“Just wanted to share that I had a meeting today and it went really well. I felt so confident!”


“I used the methods you taught me to manage my horrific headaches. I was able to go to sleep and slept really well!”


“Just want you to know that last night I had to do my Greek assignment and I have never been so calm and relaxed and felt at ease and confident. Thank you, I am so grateful for you!”


 “When I find myself on a hamster wheel again, I can use the tools I have in the toolbox, allowing me to return to ease and flow faster and faster.”


“I am manifesting like crazy and have such a deep sense of power and ease.”

“Anna, what you do is magic. I hope you know this. It is magic!”

Reach out to Anna to discover how you can reconnect to your magic through hypnotherapy and Taoist Energy alchemy practices.