Once upon a time there was a man who lived in ramshackle house, worn shabby clothes and struggled with poverty every day of his life. And every day he sighed, “Please, Lord, give me riches!”  When this man finally died, his house was demolished. To everybody’s amazement, it turned out there were riches beyond imagination buried in his basement. The poor man had great riches his whole life without even knowing it.

This man never discovered treasures buried in his basement. Most people never discover  treasures buried in their minds.

You may say, “I know what I have in my head!”. However, this is an illusion. What you know is your thinking, speaking and reasoning mind, but you have so much more.

You can compare your mind to the Costco warehouse. Imagine a huge building filled with all kinds all goods and imagine a night guard with his shinning flashlight. Everything that gets illuminated and visible in this circle of light is your consciousness. At any given moment it can illuminate only a tiny fraction of the available reality. But there is so much more hidden in the dark. Here in the dark of your unconsciousness, where Freud used to hallucinate monsters, you may have great treasure that may completely change and transform your life.

You probably heard about the left brain and the right brain. This is another way of looking for your buried treasure.

Your left brain is analytical, scientific and logical – it can do math, it can analyze scientific data and it can put your thoughts and emotions into words. Your right brain is a powerhouse of creativity, intuition and imagination.

When you are little and have no language yet, you are using full power of your right brain. But as you progress through your education and climb up the career ladder, the left brain starts dominating the mental landscape. It is easier to develop your left brain because it is where your thought process is located. And our educational system is very good at stiffing right brain activity. However, you never lose it. It is always there. Your left brain becomes an oversized house that conceals great riches hidden in the basement of your right brain.

How would you like a tool that will allow you to open your treasure chest? How would you like to rediscover that vibrant joy and playfulness that you had when you were a child? How would you like to brighten your self-image and expand your life? How would you like to tap into your creativity to boost your performance?

I stumbled upon my treasure chest by accident. All I wanted was to get rid of my stuttering and an intense fear of speaking. I started using NLP and hypnosis as my last hope – by that time I ran out of options. I was looking for a solution to my stuttering problem. I found so much more. I discovered that I stepped on a magical carpet, which took me on a journey beyond my wildest dreams. I am still on a treasure hunt, exploring how much more pleasure, excitement and satisfaction can my mind give me. Are you ready for a ride?