If I could have a word with my younger self, now that I’m almost 54 and gained some wisdom (and some gray hair) I would say this:You never needed to improve yourself.You needed knowledge, you needed skills, you needed emotional resources, you needed to grow and have experiences to gain wisdom and learn to be safe, but you never needed to improve yourself.When you bought into a belief that you needed to improve yourself to be liked, accepted and loved, you learned fear.Fear, my dear, does not lead to love.Fear leads to more fear.There will be people who will love you as you are with all your quirks and flaws.There will be people for whom you will never be enough, no matter what you do.Let it go. Send them love. Move on.And most importantly, live!Live and have experiences, make mistakes, love, laugh, learn with pleasure and curiosity.Learn because it feels good to have knowledge.Practice, because it feels good to have skills and master them.Learn to use your brain and take care of your body, because you love life and want to keep enjoying it even when your hair turn gray.But don’t you dare even for a moment to believe that you are not good enough.One advantage of living beyond 50 is that you can let old lies fall away like old leaves and start building your own temple of truth from own experiences, from own insights, from own knowledge and with skills you gained.P.S. When people ask me what it is that I do with clients, as a hypnotherapist, I say that I connect them to their own wisdom. Hypnosis is a key which opens a secret gate into the deep mind where old lies may be stored.Until you open this door, old patterns will keep running in the unconscious. And this is why other people’s advice, wisdom, insights are pretty useless.But truth will set you free as you let go of lies which hold you captive.The truth is that deep inside of you, there is your inner brilliance, your genius, you deep unconscious mind, which knows the truth, which knows how to set you free. You only need to open the door and realize, it’s your journey, it’s your quest, and it is your choice to let old lies go.