People often ask me – Can NLP help with stuttering? or Can NLP help to reduce my social anxiety? or Can NLP boost my confidence? etc.

To me NLP is not something you use to “fix” something that is broken. It is an attitude and a methodology that allows you to become a true master of your mind. As such it is something that everyone can benefit from. Knowing what specifically we do when we “think” and when we make decisions and when we create emotional states is extremely useful.

I sometimes think that the whole purpose of me having a severe stutter for most of my life was to lead me to this path I am walking now. Knowing how to refocus your mind, how to relax your body and how to reframe your experience transforms your life.

Our mind can be a wonderful garden and it can be a living hell. So knowing how to nurture your mind’s garden is to me the most important thing that NLP can offer. For example, when i used to have severe stutter, I struggled with feelings of fear, anxiety, inferiority, perfectionism and shame. I believed that as soon as I am done stuttering and regain fluency, those feelings will magically disappear from my emotional repertoire.

Yet, many of my clients who never stuttered experience the same torment – only for different reasons. Even though there is nothing wrong with their speech, they display the same high level of speech anxiety and feeling of inferiority and unworthiness that I had. They should be happy that they can speak freely, but the problem is – they don’t know they have to be very happy, because they never experienced speech blocks. Yet, they are afraid to share their opinion, beat themselves up over perceived imperfections in their speech and go through the same torment.

Knowing how you create your internal reality and what you can do to start changing it is priceless. What many people do not realize is that many NLP processes have to be practiced on a daily basis. Some of the techniques work like miracles and others you need to practice over and over. Such as being mindful of your internal dialogues for example. Or noticing when you are sliding down the slippery slope of unpleasant feeling and switch at the very beginning. It takes practice but it is doable.

I know may people who magically transformed their lives with NLP. I also know some who just couldn’t get it. It is such an alien way of thinking, because we are not used to think about our thinking.

In five years, which now seems like a very short time, I went from being overwhelmed and totally controlled by my emotional reactions, which seemingly just pounced at me like tigers, to being able to direct my unconscious processes and recognize when I am doing something that is not helpful or something that causes me unnecessary pain while accomplishing nothing.

It takes determination and commitment and a fierce belief that you are destined for much more than you are settling for now. This is why I am now switching from individual sessions to 6-months coaching contracts. From my own experience I know what is possible, but I also know that you cannot make big changes unless you are driven. It is by becoming intolerant to everything that stands between you and a person you can become and by engaging fully that we can start moving forward and start magically transform our lives.

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