When I moved to the U.S. I believed that I had no talents for foreign languages.

Then I realized that I could either live my life in America as a speechless immigrant and be severely limited in my options or – yes, you guessed it – learn to speak and write in English. So I did.

Another limiting belief was that I will never learn how to drive.

I had so many excuses. My vision is not good. I am too easily distracted. I am too clumsy.

I spent a few years being completely dependent on my husband and his willingness to drive me.

One day I spent 5 hours commuting from Redmond to Shoreline where I was taking classes and back. And then I knew, I had to learn how to drive. So I did.

Yes, I know, some of you, who had a chance to be my passengers, still recall the terror. But I am driving and no longer need to ask others to take me where I want to go.

In 2009 I reached the same point of “I have no other choice” in my struggle with stuttering.

I wanted to be able to say my son’s name without an embarrassing struggle. I wanted to be able to share my stories and tell jokes without getting blue in the face trying to push my words out.

It is because of this feeling “I have no other choice” that I now enjoy my freedom of speaking.

Today I am a Master Hypnotist, Qigong practitioner and energy healer because of that moment of desperate determination.

Sometimes people are too comfortable to grow. Adversity breeds resilience and determination.

This year you may be pushed toward the edge. You may be challenged emotionally, professionally, physically, financially.

You may reach a point when you have no choice but to start doing something you never believed you could do.

And it maybe your invitation to a massive amount of growth.

Do you feel you have no other choice but to start doing something different with your brain and your life now?

If yes, then, trust me – you will succeed.

Because you will keep going, stumbling, failing, dusting yourself off and getting up again… You will not give up.

You will allow old beliefs fall away like dry leaves. You will rise from the ashes.

And I know from my own experience, that when you refuse to give up, the universe gets on your side and you open the doors to some very special magic.

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