Do you want truth or do you want comforting lies and seductive distractions?

Do you believe that progress requires sacrifices and that the inevitable depletion of resources is all part of the game?

The truth is that progress and destruction are not the same.

Once you separate an idea of progress from an idea of destruction, it is not that difficult to separate actions and choices which lead to progress from actions and choices which lead to depletion and destruction.

Once you start making this distinction, you can stop accepting destruction as acceptable means to achieving progress.

The Tao says, “As above, as below”.

The same mindset which brought our planet to ecological and humanitarian disaster, is the one which justifies destruction of our own body – our temple, our true home.

So many people just accept that progress means polluting own body with toxic chemicals.
It seems logical to accept toxic chemicals in food, because this food tastes so good and it comforts and distracts and brings a sense of belonging.

It seems logical to accept polluting own body with toxic thoughts and toxic stress chemicals, because it seems to help move forward.

When the body suddenly refuses to continue going on, plunges into depression and succumbs to various disorders (dis-order) it is so easy to be angry and frustrated. “How dare it! I have so much to do! I cannot stop. I cannot rest!”

Being healthy and happy starts with being mindful.

It starts with taking responsibility.

It starts with saying “enough” and be willing to open the mind to the uncomfortable truth. It means rejecting sweet lies.

It also starts with changing our cultural mindset.

We have to stop thinking about our planet as something to be used and start thinking about it as something in our care, something to be loved, treasured and handed to the next generation.

We have to stop thinking about our body as something to be used and beaten into submissions. And we have to start thinking about our body as a living and breathing home for our soul, which needs love, care and attention daily.

It’s time to switch our focus:

From ignoring our body to listening to it mindfully.

From “trying” to exercise to healing yourself with movement.

From trying to go on a diet to learning how to heal yourself with vibrant food.

From trying not to worry to discovering thoughts and attitudes which bring healing, hope and positive inspired actions.

From fearing aging to being creative and committed to staying young deliberately, intentionally and passionately.

I don’t teach complex health practices. I teach simple and practical steps to creating a major mindset shift not only intellectually but energetically and spiritually.

I’ve seen magical changes in clients who honored me by choosing me as a guide.

I truly believe that bright future starts with making own body and mind more vibrant, resilient and strong.

This means having practical knowledge about energies in our body and practical ways to restore the balance.

I believe that our destructive mindset toward our body manifests in our cultural disregard for our planet.

I believe we already got our wake up call. And now it is time to act.

Nothing will guarantee that you will live forever or stay forever young.

Beautiful people leave this planet way too soon.

It is not about warding off death and illness.

It is about becoming your own guardian, gardener and soul healer.

It’s about learning to be comfortable with uncomfortable truth and become awake and alive in this beautiful world.

If you resonate with my words and want to know more about my approach to soul alignment and inner peace, click here to schedule your complimentary consultation. If we are a good fit, I will invite you to become my client and if you accept then together we will embark on the most exciting journey – into the universe of your own mind. Many people wait and wait and wait until it is too late and their mind and body are too exhausted to start doing what it takes to restore balance. Making any positive changes starts with saying “YES” to own self and taking actions. The first step may be as easy as scheduling a consultation so you could start considering your options. I am looking forward to getting to know you and sharing my expertise.