On my 50th birthday I was looking in the mirror ​feeling sorry for myself. 

This was it. I was getting old.

Some people can delude themselves. Some people can walk through life with their eyes closed. But I ​am cursed with accurate scientific knowledge. I kn​ow that ​women start aging at a much faster rate once they turn 50.

This means that you may not change much between the age of 45 and 50. And in my case I even started looking younger, healthier, more vibrant, because of all the positive changes I made. But between 50 and 55 is a different story. Between 55 and 60 – even more significant body changes.

​Honestly, I felt absolutely forlorn. It is all going to go downhill. I can slow it down, but I cannot stop it. It is not fair. I just started enjoying my life! I just started becoming more comfortable talking to people. I just started discovering what it means to be me. 

And just as I was ready to dissolve into a hot teary mess, ​feeling so sorry for myself, I had a vision. I suddenly saw me on my 30th birthday. And I remembered how I was looking in the mirror feeling old!

Feeling ​old?! At the age of 30?

I wanted to slap this ungrateful young lady. ​She was unhappy about her body (it was too skinny and not curvy enough). Too skinny?! 

​And she was constantly worried about other people’s judgments. She kept trying to please people. Oh, please! People will never be pleased. You will never be enough for them. Just be enough for yourself!

And I wanted to scream – look at you! You are young and full of life. Your senses can feast freely on life’s beauty. You can dance and prance and savor those precious moments. Why you are so worried about those people?

Why you fear ​people’s judgment? They are not living your life!

And then suddenly, I saw another woman flying toward me, fast and furious from the direction of my future. And she looked pissed and extremely agitated.

She screamed at me: Look at you, you ungrateful young lady! You have this gorgeous body full of life. Your senses can feast on life’s beauty. And here you are, wasting your moments, feeling sorry for yourself.

In horror, I recognized her. She was me at the age of 70.

We sat together – three women in three seasons of life. I thanked the younger me for being strong enough to survive and foolish enough to make my life story interesting and filled with adventures.

And I thanked the older me for giving me the message. And I promised her that I will do everything in my power to make sure she will experience being 70 and she will be healthy and strong enough to be able to get the most of this unique season of life in a strong, agile body, with a healthy, resilient mind and balanced emotions.

And I told them both that they are beautiful. And we held together and cried.

In the past 10 years I have been studying with great masters. I studied hypnosis, NLP, Tao and Qigong.

The outcome of this learning was not what I expected.

What I wanted was to stop stuttering and to stop feeling so nervous when I talk to people.

Instead I discovered how to accept and transcend aging.

The truth is that no matter what cosmetics you use, what food you eat and what exercise program you follow, the body will age if you live long enough. But the mind, spirit, soul can be ageless.

The question is will your mind be strong enough to support and guide your body? Will you be able to still feel big and vibrant feelings without letting your emotions tear your body apart. Will you love being you or will you keep letting ​other people’s judgments steal your joy?

Today I am privileged to be able to guide others on their journey to transcend body aging and embody the ageless spirit.

What I see ​is that so many women waste too much time feeling bad about themselves. They feel bad about their body, they feel bad about their accomplishments and most importantly, they feel bad about their worth. 

​But think about it. If you, like me, just recently crossed the 50 bridge, you can have another 50 years of life. And if you live these years in a healthy, agile body, you can have the time of your life being you, before your spirit lets go of this body. 

​Are you making the most of this unique season of life? Or are you too wrapped in regrets, worry and sadness to enjoy your moments? 

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