Have you ever witnessed someone living their passion, aligned with their spiritual gifts, radiating fulfillment and joy in every aspect of their career? Picture a world where individuals harness the power of their innate abilities as coaches, healers, intuitives, and more, basking in the abundant rewards that life has to offer.
This was the first thing I noticed about Mary Lee LaBay the very first time I took a hypnotherapy class with her.
She radiated joy and confidence! She spoke with authority and deep conviction. And she had the most beautiful serene presence. This is why I am so excited to bring you this unique, empowering and free event:
“The Secret Gate: Access Your Spiritual Gifts” with Mary Lee LaBay.
Imagine a life where you not only recognize your unique spiritual gifts but also nurture and develop them to their fullest potential. Mary Lee LaBay, an esteemed hypnotherapy teacher, published author, and a pioneer in spiritual hypnosis, will guide you on a transformative journey which will elevate and inspire you on your journey to excellence.
The Secret Gate is your opportunity to:
💖Access your unique spiritual gifts.
🌹Unleash the power within you.
💗Develop and nurture your innate abilities.
💓Gain confidence to bring your gifts boldly to the world.
Known for her insight and wisdom, Mary Lee’s superpower is to hold a deep and fertile space for people to work through their challenges and to conjure inspired and creative juices to find solutions outside the limitations of their everyday perspective. Strategies include hypnotherapy, past life regression, sacred journeys, soul retrieval, EFT, gestalt therapies, and astrological insights, in unique combinations to achieve personal growth objectives. Deep sustainable results are the goal of developing her soul-centered holistic practice.
For over two decades, she has taught professional Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression certification programs through Bastyr University and Bellevue College, and now, her hybrid course is on the Teachable platform.
Mary Lee is the author of six books, including Mastering Hypnotherapy: Transformational Strategies for Healers and Coaches and Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness. She works with clients worldwide over Zoom, specializing in a multi-faceted approach to soul purpose and navigating life’s pivotal moments with grace.
it is free! You will receive the Zoom link when you register.
🌟 Seize the opportunity to transform your life, access your spiritual gifts, and step into a world of abundance! 🌟
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