​Imagine, if you wish, a girl, wearing a red cape. Like many girls, she wants to ​accomplish something she believes is important. It may be something as simple as visiting her grandmother, who lives far away, and bringing her delicious treats. But to her, it is a vision and a goal. 

She is a girl on a mission.

And she is not the kind of girl who just sits and dreams about doing something. She has her plan and she has her action steps. She is ready to go. 

Some people may have told her that it is better not to go. “This is too difficult and much too dangerous.” However, she made up her mind and she is not letting others control her choices. 

Some other girls, might have started on this journey and then got distracted. There are so many flowers and birds and berries. There are games to play and naps to take. But not her. Sure, she ​takes moments to stop and smell the flowers and she listens to the birds, but then she starts putting one foot in front of another and she keeps walking. 

On her way, she meets someone. Sure, her mother told her not to talk to strangers, but this creature seems so charming and he seems so much fun, that she stops and listens. Her basket in her hands, ​she gives The Wolf her attention. 

Have you ever been ​distracted, while following your dreams? Have you ever let your attention drift to something, which promised fun and excitement?

And The ​Wolf flatters her and compliments on her bravery. She listens some more. And The ​Wolf asks her about her dreams and goals. And he also asks what path she has chosen and what steps she planned to get there. And then he ​sighs and looks concerned,

“Little girl, I have to warn you. The road you decided to take is not the best one. I have been to your grandma’s house many times. Let me show you a faster way.” 

​The Wolf seems to have her best interests in mind and he looks so ​knowledgeable. She listens.

Now, if you ever allowed somebody’s advice reroute your steps and re-direct your efforts, you may already know how easy it is to get lost and waste much more energy and efforts ​than you intended. She walks and walks and she starts wondering, “Is this really a shortcut? Will it really save me energy and time?”

Finally she arrives to her desired destinations and she already invested so much energy and time, she is just glad to have arrived.

​However, when she looks at her grandma, her senses alert her that there is something about her, which doesn’t seem right.

Now. You would expect that anyone who sees two big eyes, two pointy ears and a row of very big teeth, would  run away screaming. ​But you see, she already invested her energy and she already invested her time. She wants this apparition to be her grandma. It must be so. It is her grandma’s house. It is her grandma’s dress and her favorite bonnet.

Have you ever argued with ​your senses?

Have you ever looked back at something which went terribly wrong and cost you time and energy, not ​counting emotional pain, and realized that the warning signs were there all along?

The Red Riding Hood wants to believe. And it is not until The Undeniable Reality opens its big mouth and swallows her whole, just as before it devoured her dreams, that she realizes – she got too invested into her illusions and now it is too late​. She is in a very dark place.

​In a story of the Red Riding Hood there is a savior – a hero with a big ax, who ​is not afraid to dig deep into the belly of the beast.

In a story I would like to write, the girl has her own tools. She may have been fooled, but she knows how to save herself. She gets ​her power back and she cuts through the lies and she rescues herself. ​

I told this story to my mentor and asked, what he ​makes out of it. His answer was, “Anyone can lie and pretend, maybe enough to fool us. But the better we are at noticing things, the better protected we are.”

Those big teeth were in the open all along. The longer we avoid facing reality, the more chances that at some point we will need ​a rescuer. 

​And the more tools we have, the more we are aware of our own power, the more chances are that even if we do something very foolish, we will ​be able to dig ourselves out even when we are in a very dark place.