Did you notice how stress became a way of life? It seems unavoidable, because there is just too much to do and so much pressure. Yet, even though stress may not be always easy to avoid, it is very important to ensure that you clear your body from stress regularly.

There are many time-honored and modern ways to remove residual stress from your body. You can meditate, move, breathe mindfully, go to a therapist, talk to a friend, take a warm bath with salts, go spend time in nature and so on.

But did you know that through hypnosis you can remove the residual stress from your body quickly and easily? It’s like meditation enhanced and condensed with a deeper soothing and transforming effect.

One client said to me, “Even my bones feel relaxed!” Another said, “I had no idea how much my body was holding!” This is the power of hypnosis.

Unfortunately, many clients come to a hypnotist when they have reached a point where they have to do something ASAP. Maybe it’s their relationship which is crumbling under pressure. Maybe it is their body which says, “No!” Maybe it is their jobs they are in danger of losing. Would it be much better to invest in hypnosis sessions as soon as you notice you are building tension?

Hypnosis is like a deep mind massage. It is like an emotional chiropractor which gently adjusts your emotional reactions. It is like visiting with a wise guru within yourself. It is like suddenly dropping a weight from your shoulders and walking lighter. It is like a nourishing meal you feed to your tired inner child. It is like an inner hug which melts your difficulties.

I use hypnosis regularly and I am so grateful for this amazing tool.

If you want to experience hypnosis, reach out and take advantage of my special offer. I just moved to a new office in beautiful Kirkland. For a limited time, you can schedule a 60-min hypnosis and Reiki session for only $90. This is a perfect opportunity to experience this wonderful feeling of release and clarity achieved through hypnosis.

I am looking forward to seeing you in my office!