​I am giving you a concept of The New Ageless Woman. ​

This is a vision which came to me in my morning meditation. I could see her reaching, beckoning to me from the future, saying, “​​Are you ​willing to do what it takes to manifest me? ​Are you willing to do what it takes to become me​?”

I don’t know how old she is and, frankly, I don’t care. I don’t think she cares either. All I know, she is fun to be around. I want you to meet her. 

She values and treasures herself and she wants to enjoy her life as long as she walks this earth.

This is why she is taking a good care of herself. She knows she is precious and she knows she can enrich lives of others. ​This is why she takes time to add powerful and practical tools ​to her mental toolbox. This is why she makes her daily self-care practices her top priority. 

She doesn’t want to grow old. She just wants to grow.

​She is a life-long learner. She is excited about growing and evolving. She is curious and playful in her explorations of new ideas and new ways of living. She takes what works and lets go of the rest. She wants to better herself for herself. She is on a mission.

She has strong boundaries.

She is aware of her energy and she decides where she wants to invest it. She doesn’t let people drain or deplete her financially or emotionally. She knows how to protect her energy. She can love someone deeply and still say no. She is her own guardian and fierce protector. 

 She knows when and how to let go.

She mastered the art of relaxing her body and releasing any energy pattern which doesn’t serve her. Bye-bye bad feeling. Thank you for giving me a message. I love myself and I release anything that is damaging to my body, my future and those I love.

She knows how to use her brain.

​She is flexible in her thinking. She knows how to get into her most resourceful state. She knows how to shift perspectives​. ​She looks for creative solutions and she gets things done. No matter what challenge she is facing – she is living a vibrant life. 

She empowers herself.

She knows how to replenish her energy and when she shares it with others, she shares it from an abundant source. 

Because of this, she is radiant.