Beata Jachulski Baker for Dr. Anna Margolina


“Darkness is not empty. It is information at rest.”

Author and photographer Teju Cole wrote that bit of wisdom, and when I read it I thought of Dr. Anna Margolina. She has always known this. Not just because she has spent weeks meditating in the Taoist Dark Room as part of her training in Thailand, but because she innately understands that our minds, bodies, and spirits contain all the information we need to solve our problems and conquer our fears. When we are in fear or worry or despair, it’s easy to think of ourselves as “empty.” But Dr. Anna knows that what we need is within us, just waiting to be tapped.

My own hypnotherapy experience with Dr. Anna was prompted by an impending surgery involving anesthesia; my first ever. My physical balance had already been seriously affected by a hip injury requiring the surgery, and my anxiety over the upcoming event was making it worse. I genuinely felt like I was walking in the dark and likely to fall over at any time.

Dr. Anna put me completely at ease. For me, hypnosis was simply going into a deeply relaxed state where I knew I was safe. And we just talked. But that was the key: Dr. Anna knew what to ask me, and where to lead the conversation. She accessed the resources and information that were already within me and brought them to the surface in such a way that my fears could be managed, and eventually overcome. It almost seems too simple. But I could not have done it alone. I needed a guide who knew her way through the dark. Dr. Anna was that guide. And if I lose my way again, I’m so lucky I know the perfect person to call!

Peggy Adams Myers 

I first met Dr. Anna Margolina in 2015 at a business networking group for women. I was intrigued by the idea of hypnosis and NLP, and read her book “Letting Go of the Dragon: 7 keys to effortless speech”. I was really impressed with her story and her writing. I realized that as an introvert, I could use some help with confidence talking to people and building up my small business. I did two series of sessions with Anna and it was just what I needed. I have continued to use what I learned from her to help my business thrive, but also to change the way I frame things in life that are uncomfortable or scary, reduce anxiety, and become more positive and content.

A few months ago, I found out I needed abdominal surgery. I can’t take oral narcotics due to extremely severe nausea, so the thought of leaving the hospital with poor pain control was scary.  Knowing that Anna had been certified in medical hypnotherapy, I reached out right away. 

While waiting for my surgery date, I met with Anna a few times. She also recorded several specific guided hypnosis sessions to help me focus on wellness, deal with other stressors in my life that could accentuate pain, practice moving my pain away from my body, and entering a deep trance to create and go to my peaceful place.

Surgical pain can be intense for the first couple of days without narcotics, but using Anna’s lessons and recordings, I was able to reduce my pain quickly and focus on healing.

Anna’s knowledge and wisdom have made a very positive difference in many areas of my life. I continue to use the skills she’s taught me, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. 

Ellen Newhouse, M.LAc. Acupuncturist, Sound Healer and author best-selling memoir, Nothing Ever Goes On Here.

I got to experience Anna’s work in her outdoor hypnosis office in the park. Anna made me feel so comfortable as I climbed into the cocoon of her hypnosis chair. Within moments, I went down inside myself very deeply, always feeling safe and protected by Anna’s warm presence. I was honestly amazed at how quickly I traveled deeply into my subconscious. As we worked together, I could feel things shifting inside myself. It’s been many years now since our very first session and I no longer have any of the issues we worked on that day. I’m so grateful for Anna’s amazing proficiency in her healing work and also her compassionate way in which she holds you and your spirit. I highly, highly recommend Anna’s beautiful healing work for any issue you may be working through.

Piper Lauri Salogga, Beauty of Being Human,

An Exuberant Shout Out to Anna Margolina for a brilliant hypnosis healing session.


As someone who has been in the healing field for close to thirty years, and experienced the peeling of many of my own layers for a decade beyond that, I choose, with great discernment, those to help me tend and transform myself.

Anna was brilliant in every way!! Deeply generous and attuned, highly skilled, intuitively led, and a heart of gold!!! And the results inside me, the struggle I was ready to release—gone. As far as I can tell, completely gone. I feel lit up and excited for the present and future, from a heartfelt and grounded place in me. I am thrilled.

Bowing to you in great gratitude, Anna!! I look forward to working with you again, and sharing your healing talent with others.

Karen R

Anna has truly been a guiding light in my journey towards self-discovery and emotional healing.
From the very beginning, I experienced an incredible ability to connect with Anna with her inquisitive questions and skillful use of imagery and knowledge in her field. During our hypnotherapy sessions, she helped open up doors within me that I didn’t even know existed. Anna has a unique talent for creating a safe and nurturing space where I feel comfortable exploring my deepest emotions and vulnerabilities.
What sets Anna apart is her remarkable ability to intuitively uncover what I need, and she tailors her approach accordingly. With Anna’s guidance, I have been able to unearth and work through deep-rooted emotions that were holding me back in life and uncover ones that light up my life.
Anna’s work with me has been nothing short of a life-changing experience. Her empathy, compassion, and expertise have allowed me to embark on a profound healing journey that has left me feeling more connected to myself and the world around me. Anna Margolina is not just a hypnotherapist; she is a gifted healer with a heart of gold.

Sharon M.

Dr. Anna’s kind and calming presence provided a safe environment for Hypnosis. My intent was to experience better sleep. She guided me into a state of awareness where I could discover the emotional connection to my interrupted sleep. I left the session with hope and belief that the session would work and it did not disappoint.