Today during a scuba diving lesson in the pool, I had to take off my mask under water, put it on and clear it with a big burst of exhalation using air from my oxygen tank.
Now, imagine me with my mask off and my face immersed in water. My eyes are closed and I am breathing air from my oxygen tank exhaling a steady stream of bubbles so my nose doesn’t flood.
Next, I am putting my mask back on and realize that after exhaling for so long, I do not have enough air to clear my mask. I panic and shoot to the surface.
My instructor surfaces too and asks, “What happens” I say, “I exhaled all my air and didn’t have air to clear my mask!” He sighs and says, “Anna you have plenty of air!” pointing to my oxygen tank!
Oh, how silly of me! I forgot that I was connected to my oxygen tank! I forgot that I didn’t have to be a superhuman to breathe underwater! I had plenty of air!
Have you ever done it? Have you ever panicked and were ready to do something drastic and desperate, because you thought that you’ve exhausted all your options?
I learned today how important it is to remember that I am connected to my oxygen tank and that I don’t have to try to be a superhuman who breathes underwater.
I have my oxygen tank. I am connected. There is plenty of air. Just breathe and reach out for your connections.