​I was born into a family of Russian scientists.

This means that my mother and my father valued intelligence, worshiped knowledge, avoided emotions and snubbed what they believed was superficial and vain beauty.

Our house was a mess. Piles of dishes in the kitchen. Dog hair on a couch. Dusty shelves full of books. BOOKS EVERYWHERE.

It was a comfortable, wonderful, chaotic mess.

My school uniform was always covered in dog hair.

My hair hastily made into two thin braids were anything but neat – my mom was always in a hurry in the morning.

When I got older, I tied my hair in ponytail. This was easy. I didn’t even need to comb them.


This what I kept hearing growing up.

Smart… not beautiful. Not even pretty…

And I was OK with this.

I grew up priding myself about being a child of nature and science, not concerned with physical beauty.

Who needs beauty when you have brains?

It was not until I started studying the energy of the mind and its manifestations in the body and our behaviors, that I slowly started changing my views on personal beauty.

I learned that I can rearrange the energetic structures of my mind and create more and more vibrant feelings. I learned how to create more and more beauty on the inside.I started seeing connections between my mind, my body and physical reality.

I started ​expanding my circle of compassion and my sense of beauty and harmony from my mind, my heart to my entire body, to my clothes, my house, my relationships and to my planet.

I believe, beauty can save the world.

But beauty has nothing to do with trying to fit an impossible ideal.

Beauty does not require constantly chasing capricious public approval.

Beauty is a state of mind.

Beauty like love is expression of energy.

Just like love can change and evolve from the first romantic infatuation to deeper, richer and more mature experiences, so can beauty.

Beauty can be a life-long quest.

Beauty of the mind.

Beauty of the soul.

Beauty of the spirit.

And ever changing beauty of the body.

Beauty is in our DNA.

Beauty is in every vibration of our molecules.

And the quest is not fitting into the beauty mold, but in revealing, embracing and actively creating harmony, light, love and delight.

I plan to flaunt my beauty until I’m 100+.

By that time I will have 50+ years more of experience in creating it.

Creating beauty starts with aligning and beautifying your energy. I teach Emotional Energy Alchemy of the Tao and I combine it with hypnotherapy. ​This ​is a program, which works with your entire body, mind and spirit. 

We spend 30 minutes out of the session learning energy moving meditations of the Universal Healing Tao. Then for the next 60 min we open a conversation with your powerful unconscious mind, inviting it to bring you resources, insights and emotional healing.​

​Every week you receive videos with practices to do at home. 

​As  a result, you feel stronger and more balanced. 

​You will notice more energy and more uplifted mood. 

​Things which used to bother and upset you, will bounce off you without disturbing your peace. 

You feel more in touch with your body and intuition.

You take better care of yourself.

​Your mind is more clear and ​​your creativity flows with more ease. 

​Y​ou feel rooted into the ground, centered in your truth and connected to your super-powers. 

​You glow and radiate – and you discover how beautiful and comfortable you can feel in your body. 

​Contact me to set up a free ​discovery session