I know I look good for a 53-years-old. I also know it is not just luck or good genes. I earned this look and this freedom of movement. I earned this flexibility and lightness in my body.

If you want to know exactly what it takes to look years younger, join me for the Sacred Feminine Vitality Workshop at the Cedar Sanctuary, Saturday,  May 29th. 

What is exactly “Sacred Feminine Vitality”?

Why it’s so important to know these practices (or at least know they exist and available for you)?

Feminine Vitality is a secret ingredient which makes a big difference.

Women learn they need to look beautiful and professional, lose weight, have muscles in their abdomen and arms.

Oh, and be able to juggle family, jobs and community commitments.

But nobody tells them where this energy and inner strength really comes from.

Nobody teaches women how to take care of their vitality and make sure they have enough life force to feel alive.

Vitality is not flat abdomen, muscles or smooth wrinkle-free skin.

It’s the inner light which illuminates your entire being.

It’s your joy, your playfulness and your enthusiasm for life.

It’s your feminine energy flowing freely.

Sacred Feminine Vitality is your true power available to you as your birthright. 

It’s not grinding, pushing or struggling. It’s flowing, manifesting and connecting. 

It is resting, replenishing and restoring. 

It’s softness, gentleness, compassion and love. 

It’s time to stop buying into the toxic masculine way of life.

It’s not sustainable.

It’s time to return to sacred feminine vitality.

Sacred Feminine Vitality practices are usually not taught to us by parents, teachers and medical doctors. This is why it is important to know they exist and make sure you practice them correctly. 

Many women now have yoni eggs and most of them do not use them. These beautiful eggs just gather dust. It is essential to know it is more than just an egg. It’s a relationship with your body, it is your attitudes toward own self and it is precise knowledge how to support your feminine body and energy. 

I’m Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D., Universal Healing Tao and Healing Love Qigong instructor, trained by the world’s best Taoist Master, Mantak Chia. I invite you to join me as I offer an amazing workshop for women who want to reclaim their feminine vitality as their sacred gift.

Imagine being in a beautiful nature setting surrounded by magnificent trees, yet, just minutes away from city life. Imagine clean, nourishing energy of nature elements flowing through your body, washing away stresses and overwhelm. 

Imagine reconnecting to the true source of your vibrancy, beauty and creativity. 

Imagine connecting with other women in a sacred sisterhood of femininity.

The practices of Sacred Feminine Vitality are based on ancient Taoist practices of 5 Nature Elements Inner Alchemy and Healing Love with a generous touch of loving nature connections.

This workshop is a must-have for every woman and it is a delightful mixture of energy replenishing meditations, mindful movement of Qigong and nature immersion with love.

Most importantly, it includes ancient meditative rituals for teaching women love their own female body, embracing its special magic and being proud of every bit, even the secret and private ones.

Join us.