​Oh, wow, the intensity of emotions! If you feel your emotional strings are pulled and your triggers are firing, you are not alone.

Feeling emotions is good. Strong, intense, vibrant feeling is what makes us feel alive. As long as they are not overwhelming, paralyzing or tormenting you.

​Maybe it is time to set up some protection. 

Have you ever considered this. For something to harm you through your skin, it has to be so close, it touches your skin.

For something to harm you through your mouth, it has to be so close you could swallow it.

For something to harm you through the nose, it has to be close enough to breathe in.

But whatever enters through your ears and your eyes can harm you from a great distance and it goes directly into your brain and your heart.

​If you are not mindful of what you consume with your eyes, and your ears, you may ​put way too much strain on your heart. You may be poisoning your brain and weakening your body. 

Time to take your power back.

Touch your skin. Notice how your skin protects you. And then imagine your personal energy as your second skin, extending from your body, radiating and shining.

Now, imagine filling the space between your own skin and your energy skin with energies and emotions which are healing, beneficial, empowering. Imagine wrapping yourself in light and love.

In the video below, I am talking to a beautiful healer, author and ​​ambassador of love and light Ellen Newhouse. Watch me guiding Ellen through the powerful Taoist meditation for inner radiance and emotional clearing.

​Make sure to watch until the end, when Ellen does powerful sound healing.

Remember, you are in charge of your own light, you are in charge of your own inner space.

Don’t let others use your mind as a dumping ground for their negative emotions.

Protect your brain and your heart.

Remember, if you want help, schedule a free discovery session with me, so together we can discuss how I can support you with my service and my healing tools.