I started exploring NLP and hypnosis after I came across a book entitled “Redefining Stuttering” by John Harrison and learned that stuttering, which I had battled since early childhood, was only the tip of the iceberg. According to John, stuttering is a system which includes your emotions, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, physiological makeup, and the physical behaviors that you have built up over time.


John Harrison

To address my fear of speaking, I joined Toastmasters and I enrolled in acting and clowning classes. But I still had to deal with my strong emotional reactions and disempowering beliefs associated with stuttering. This is where NLP and hypnosis proved to be invaluable tools.

With the help of NLP and hypnosis I was able to free myself of the limiting beliefs and perceptions that clouded my vision. My speech improved as a byproduct. In fact, not only did my speech change, but my whole life became brighter and more vibrant. More opportunities opened up. More pleasure came my way. More joy poured in. And to my surprise, speaking, which for years had been a horrendous chore, turned out to be a lot of fun.

As I continued uncovering my true self, I started doing things that I never ever imagined were possible. For example, before I learned how to use NLP, I would be in deep trouble every time I had to make a phone call. First of all, my mind would paint me a vivid picture of me struggling trying to say “Hello”. Then I would create a movie in my head in which a person on the other end listens to my struggle with extreme annoyance. I imagined what this person might think of an adult who is unable to say, “Hello”. Then I would imagine how embarrassing it would be… All those pictures and movies would run through my mind like a pair of playful kittens may run over their owner’s head as she peacefully resting in the chair. What I registered was the turmoil these pictures and movies caused. When I learned to be aware of my internal pictures and my internal dialogue, when I learned how to modify and control them – my reality started to change.

The highlight of my journey was my competing in the 2012 Humorous Speech Competition in my local Toastmaster. Standing on that big stage, watching people laugh at my jokes, and feeling a hot flow of excitement racing through my veins, I realized that what I wanted most was to bring similar changes to other people’s lives.

Watch my speech here:

My husband never lies

This is why I practice NLP and hypnosis.  And this is why I am confident that these disciplines work. It’s not a miracle, but it’s very close to it.