​This was the message from my inner guides. 

​As COVID-19 closed my office, I felt homeless. ​Of course, I had ZOOM and could work from home, but ​how much ZOOM can a person bear every day? 

​When a client suggested we just meet in the forest (masks on), I was doubtful. We tend t​o think about hypnotherapy as something which is done in a ​quiet, private office. 

​Will she be able to go into a trance? 

​To me joyful ​surprise, the client loved the experience. 

​What? I am not the only one who loves breathing in the energy of the forest? I am not the only one who feels the healing power of trees? 


​​But, we live in the Pacific Northwest, where it is raining even during the summer.

Can you get some rain shelter?

I guess, I can. Well, it still will be seasonal…

Yes, it will be mostly done from April through October at best, but what fun it ​will be! 🌲🌹🌤️

​Here ​is what ​I learned so far:

1) ​ I can carry ​the rain canopy, zero-gravity chair and a hypno-blankie from my car to a nice quiet outdoor spot. ​

2) ​Thanks to my daily Qigong training, my back ​ is as strong as ever.🙏

3) I ​can set up the rain canopy all by myself – Yes! And it is only needed if there is rain. Otherwise, I can set up my chair and let my client relax under the sky. 

​What is so great about doing hypnotherapy outdoor?

​​💖Even with masks on, it is much better to have plenty of fresh air when you meet with people during COVID-19.

 💞🌳In the forest, you are immersed into the ​healing energy of nature ​which greatly amplif​ies the effects of hypnosis.

🤗🦝We walk, we move, and we get the body involved. If you want ​to truly heal, you have to make sure you release trauma and negativity not only from your thoughts​, but from your physical body as well.  

🌲Forest sessions provide a gigantic reservoir ​in which it is safe to release even large amounts of negative energy.

🤗I will teach you how to use forest energy for self healing.

Balanced, centered, peaceful, clear – this is the energy you feed your soul with​ when you are open your mind and access your ​unconscious ​gifts and treasures in the forest. 

Outdoor hypnotherapy  is great for outdoor lovers.

You intuitively knew that ​walking among ​magnificent ​trees or ​watching the ocean waves has a healing effect. ​

There ​is something deeply calming and healing about being outdoors in nature. 

You will receive –

1) Forest mindfulness exercises based on ancient Taoist traditions.

2) Energy clearing using forest energy.

3) In person, one-on-one, mask-on, physical distancing, fresh air hypnotherapy sessions.

​You will benefit:

1) If you feel stressed and out-of-balance and want to restore your inner peace.

2) You start feeling ZOOM and FB fatigue and are longing for personal interaction (while being safe). 

3)​ You feel that COVID-19​ was a wake-up call and you are ready to say “Yes” to self-care and soul-care. 

4) You want to streng​then your body and mind​ to support yourself through the challenging times.  

5) ​You are generally ​tired from giving ​your power away to people and external forces. ​​You want to heal deeply, so you are not so easily triggered, upset or controlled.

What ​is outdoor hypnotherapy?

W​e meet outdoor in a beautiful nature place.We walk and I will teach you mindfulness ​practices in the forest. 

Then, you will sit in a very comfortable zero-gravity chair and relax.

In hypnosis, you can access powerful parts of your ​unconscious mind.

Maybe you need to explore your past lives.

May be you need to clear and re-evaluate a traumatic experience.

Maybe you need to talk to your inner guides or your higher self.

In hypnosis your dream mind takes over and your creative genius gets to work.

Now, ​imagine embarking on your inner journey while being immersed in nature’s energy!

This is ​powerful and healing!  

You ​can sign up for a single session.

​But if you are called to do some deep inner work,  ​you can sign for my private 3-month intensive program – Emotional Energy Alchemy of the Tao. 

This is a hybrid program – outdoor and online.

The benefits from the 3-month program:

You will learn how energy moves ​through ​your body​ and how it affects you physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

No more ​allowing people to dump their negativity on you.

No more letting others pull your emotional strings as they please.

Learning to be grounded and strong.​

I call it – from being a beggar to ​mining your own gold. 

Y​ou will learn to use your body as an antenna for tuning in and receiving energy you want.

No more picking up anything that comes your way. Time to be ​really selective in what energy you allow in. 

​You ​will learn how to create an ​alchemy cauldron in ​you​r body to transform negative ​energy ​neutralize any negative energy people throw at you. Think – FREEDOM! 

Y​ou will transform your body into ​a clean vessel for receiving love, joy and happiness. If you want to attract more love, you need to learn how to generate love energy in your body first.

​This is an intense training in emotional alchemy. I am a certified Healing Tao trainer, who received training from Master Mantak Chia in ​Thailand.

Even though I loved the training ​and spent the past 5 years mastering the principles of emotional alchemy, I always felt that so many more women could benefit from these tools if they didn’t take such a long time to master. 

What ​I do, I use hypnosis and trance-​like inner states to teach the deep ​​unconscious mind do emotional alchemy quicker and with a much shorter learning curve.

Not every body can go to Thailand and spend years practicing the ancient tools of the Tao, but everybody can learn the basics to protect and heal themselves. ​

If you feel called to explore outdoor sessions, message me and let’s set up a call.

May the forest be with you!