When COVID-19 happened, I stopped seeing clients in my office.

Yet, three months into the lockdown I discovered that some of them really needed my help to deal with all the stress, confusion and anxiety the pandemic brought.

Thankfully, I have some creative clients.

One of them suggested – why don’t we do our sessions in the forest?

So we started doing it.

How it works? We meet in a lovely nature place, usually in the forest. I later learned there is an actual healing process called Japanese Forest Bathing, which I found to be very similar to what I do. 

​We walk slowly and mindfully. Before we go into discussing the present issue, we breathe, touch trees and plants, feel our feet on the ground, listen to the forest sounds. Until we are in peace and connected. From this place of connection, we start gathering past resources, memories with useful and enlightening experiences. 

​During the healing part  of the session, I teach my clients how to use forest energy to cleanse dark and negative energy from their body. I learned this process from Master Mantak Chia, with whom I studied the Universal Healing Tao system. 

​And then, we walk back to my car​, and I pull out my zero-gravity chair. ​We set it in a nice quiet area for the hypnosis experience. 

​So, this is what we were doing with my client, and we were half-way through the session, when ​ something magical happened.

We were walking in the forest and her unconscious brought to her a memory connected to an image of a rooster. The memory, which is of course private, was a powerful healing resource for her.

And what are the chances! 😍🤗💞As I started weaving the sound of a rooster in my hypnotic talk, an actual rooster sounded in the forest. 🐓🌲🌳

I don’t know where it came from. Could be from a farm, but the thing is – this was the first time I heard rooster in this trail and I walked it many times.

This is magic awakening.​

​You cannot have such enchanted coincidences in the office.

So, outdoor hypnotherapy is now an option. I even bought a domain outdoorhypnotherapy.com💗🌲🌹

Outdoor hypnotherapy is ​hypnotherapy plus healing with nature energy and inviting divine synchronicity to join in.

P.S. There are two options. One – to have hypnosis sessions outdoor – in parks, forests or near the body of water.

And two – join my 3-month program to discover Emotional Alchemy of the Tao, which can be either outdoor or hybrid – Zoom and outdoor.

Nature is healing and having its energy joining in makes healing so powerful.

This is of course for nature and outdoor lovers.

My outdoor office is open which makes me very happy and excited.

​Are you in? Schedule your free consultation and let’s start! 

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/q1-gMgDRv80?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditShareLink