I will never be 25 again. But then again, I will never be 52 again either.

At 25, I was judging myself and yearning for other people’s validation. I didn’t believe I was deserving of love and believed I had to work hard to keep people in my life.

At 52, I was fortunate to realize that other people’s validation is like counterfeit money – it feels good when you receive it, but bounce when you try to put it into your bank account.

I ultimately made a choice to seek my own validation. And what a relief! I didn’t have to validate myself right away. I realized I am still a work in progress. I’m not done yet. Hold the judgement. Watch me grow.

Once I stopped chasing other people’s validation, the whole field of possibilities in nurturing my gifts opened to me.

For example, do you believe you are beautiful or at least good looking? I didn’t. This was quite a journey for me to find my beauty.

At 25, I believed I was ugly.

At 52, I learned I can create my own beauty by nurturing my mind, body and soul with love.

Now, at 53, my beauty is my guide. The more I love myself, the more beautiful I become in my own eyes.

I believe every woman is beautiful but some learned to disown and discount their own beauty.

I learned that the more you realize you deserve love and validation, the more your soul starts shining out of your face and eyes, making you beautiful.

Nobody can take care of your body. Nobody can give you inner peace. Nobody can take care of your soul garden. And no matter how many people say you are beautiful you won’t believe it, until you become beautiful in your own loving eyes.

This is what changed my life.

I learned I didn’t have to love all of me all at once. I learned to build a relationship with myself little by little, one loving smile at a time, one loving word at a time, one action of self-love at a time.

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