What is hypnosis?

I see it as exploration of the unseen.

Just imagine that beyond the surface reality that meets our physical senses lies a vast and intricate tapestry of existence, concealed from our ordinary perception. It is a realm of hidden wonders, worlds within worlds, waiting to be explored and embraced.

It may seem far-fetched, but let us consider the marvels that are hidden beneath our own skin. You do not see the cellular structures of your skin, and yet, they are real and each is working in harmony to sustain life.

Think of the ocean depths which conceal a mysterious and breathtaking realm.  The same way your body and mind are worlds within worlds. 

Enter hypnosis which works together with you imagination opening a gateway to new realities. Through it, your can traverse uncharted territories, create fantastical worlds, and unlock the doors to infinite possibilities. Imagination enhanced by hypnosis allows us to dream, to innovate, and to envision realities that transcend the limitations of the physical.

 Each individual, including you, holds within them a unique universe of perceptions and experiences, shaping their own reality.

The more you explore your own inner reality, the more you can embrace other people’s inner worlds, expanding your understanding of the human experience.

Hypnosis allows you to uncover nested realities within your own consciousness, like a series of Matryoshka dolls, each containing more worlds within.

Every moment unfolds with layers of depth, offering endless opportunities for discovery and growth. Recognizing the existence of these hidden dimensions is akin to unveiling magic in the ordinary.

Knowing that there is always more to see, learn, and experience fills life with wonder and curiosity. Embracing this awareness opens your mind and heart to the richness of existence. Your life is never boring. You live in a state of joy, wonder ad gratitude.

This propels you to seek knowledge, empathy, and connection with the diverse realities that coexist within and around you.

In this expansive understanding, you transcend the boundaries of the surface reality and enter a realm of endless fascination.

Hypnosis helps you to embrace the magic of knowing that the journey of exploration never ends, and there will always be more to see, appreciate, and understand in this magnificent web of realities within realities within your own self.