Soul retrieval, shamanic journey, spirit guides… Those who know me would never suspect that I could become interested in something like this.

Growing up in the Soviet Union, surrounded by  scientists (my mother was a chemist, my father and my step father – physicists) I was bound to become a hard-core, left-brained skeptic. After spending six years in the Russian State Medical University, studying medical biophysics and then three more years of getting my Ph.D. in biology, I should’ve become impenetrable to everything spiritual. You probably have met people, who would never believe anything they cannot see and touch.

Yet, here I was in a beautifully decorated home of Mary Lee LaBay, a hypnotherapist, a trainer and a fascinating person, sitting among other students trying to calm down my logical skeptical mind screaming into my ears – You do not belong here!

So why did I signed up for this?

I felt I needed to go deeper. I felt I was still missing something important in my personal journey.

Using NLP and hypnosis I was able to heal past hurts and increase present enjoyment, redesign the inside of my head and learn how to use my imagination to my benefits. My speech became mostly fluent – I no longer hesitated to pick up the phone or start a conversation with a stranger. I was able to speak in public and my severe long blocks became history. Yet, something still lurked in my subconscious. Something demanded my attention. Learning new tools seemed like a right thing to do.

On the first day of class, we learned how to get into contact with our spirit guides. Naturally I was skeptical. I asked – how do I know I am meeting a  spirit guide and not just making it up? How do I know that my “spirit guide” is not a figment of my imagination or just a part of my own mind. “Well, it doesn’t matter,” – said wonderful Mary Lee in her calm and reassuring voice. “It doesn’t matter what you believe. What matter is the change.”

How often we get caught in a discussion whether or not something is the case. I think it is a great attitude to just let your mind wide open and accept whatever you experience. From my own experience I must say that something happens when you go on this deep level. Whether we meet our actual spirit guides or just activate some part of our mind that triggers changes, our transformation is all that matters. I observed the change in others and I felt myself changed. This is enough for me. How about you? Would you be willing to try something you do not quite believe? Would you keep your mind open? Would you take a leap of faith and face the unknown?