If I asked you what are your plans for the next 5 years, what would you say? Do you want to advance your career? Find your soulmate? Buy a house? No matter what your answer is there is something important that has to happen in order for all your other dreams come true. It is very simple. It is so simple that most people never think about it. To accomplish any of your goals, you have to be alive.

Let it sink for a moment. Sit quietly and turn your attention inward to connect with our body. Notice your breathing. Inhale and exhale. Put your hand on your heart and notice the heartbeat. Feel the warmth of your skin. Move your body and notice how it feels to be in control of your movements.

Does your body move freely? Are you free of pain most of the time? If you answer “yes” you are in a better position than millions of Americans who are waking up groaning and moaning, reaching for their painkiller pill bottles. If you are in your house and do not need anybody’s assistance to go anywhere, you are more fortunately than millions of Americans who are confined to their hospital beds or who depend on other people to help them get up, get dressed and get out of the house.

No matter how big is your house or how expensive is your car or how much respect your get for your accomplishments, you are not going to enjoy it, if you are dead. It is also much more difficult to enjoy the rewards of your hard work, when you are in pain or when your world is reduced to the inside of the hospital room.

Are you happy? Do you feel life’s vibrancy? Many people who worked hard to achieve material wealth cannot enjoy it, because of depression, anxiety, fears, jealousy, anger and other emotional problems.

At this point you may say, “Yes, I get it. Being alive, healthy and happy is good. Being dead, sick and miserable is bad. What else is new?”

Yes, it seems so obvious. It is a common sense. It is so obvious, it is hardly worth repeating.  But do you have health and happiness among your 5-years goal? Are they high enough on your list of priorities?

Sadly, we live in a society, which praises people who are willing to sacrifice their health and happiness as they move toward achieving their goals. Stress, lack of rest, unhealthy food and health-destroying habits become acceptable means through which people motivate themselves, save time and self-medicate to relieve discomfort. There are numerous shortcuts people take to achieve success, earn more money and gain respect as accomplished professionals. Too bad that it means that many people end up dead before they fulfill their desires or rip their rewards. For others success comes hand in hand with debilitating illnesses, which turn every day of their life into a challenge. Many wealthy, successful, respected people cannot function until they wash down a handful of painkillers with their morning coffee. Others struggle with extra weight, develop diabetes, heart and back problems. Yet, there are some who are depressed and anxious, who cannot sleep and certainly cannot enjoy their wealth. And there are those who meet retirement on a hospital bed, watching their money being drained by medical bills.

Most people accept the fact that losing one’s health and sanity is a part of living the American dream. Most people agree to pay the price. When they discover the price is too high, it is too late. This means that a fear of death, pain and disability is not enough to make people change their attitude toward health.

Now, consider this. According to Word Watch Institute, Americans spend 8 billion of dollars annually on cosmetics. In comparison, amount of money needed each year (in addition to current expenditures) to provide basic education for all people in developing nations is 6 billion. Think about it. Billions are spent in attempt to look younger and more attractive. It may be difficult for a busy woman to find time or exercise or a healthy meal, but looking young is a requirement, and it is certainly a part of being successful.

Do you find it ironic that fear of wrinkles is stronger than fear of death?  

Fortunately, there is something that can help you rejuvenate your skin, while at the same time greatly improve your health and emotional well-being, enabling you live longer, feel better and have an agile, happy and pain-free body.

You skin reflects the state of your health. Many health conditions have skin manifestations. For example, liver problems can give your skin a yellowish tint. Hormonal problems can cause uneven pigmentation. Smoking can affect your complexion – make your skin dull and grey, cause enlargement of blood vessels. Heart diseases can add a bluish-reddish color to your cheeks and nose.

What about your emotional state? Your skin stretches and wrinkles, blushes and becomes pale, glows or fades in response to your emotions. With time, your face develops so called expression lines, such as frown lines on your forehead, marionette lines in the corner of your eyes, and “smoker’s” wrinkles from lip pursing. 

Whether you like it or not, your skin speaks louder than words. And even though it is possible to temporarily mask its messages with makeup or skin products, which improve complexion, relax wrinkles and smooth put skin appearances, these solutions are temporary. And they can be very costly.

Stress, worries, unhappiness, anger accelerate aging and make it more noticeable.Relaxation, positive emotions, love, laughter makes us look younger and more radiant. Hypnosis and NLP are modalities that can help people relax their muscles and minds, release negative emotions and prevent their future buildup, amplify positive luminous states of mind and accelerate healing and regenerative processes in the body.

We are connected beings. The systems in our body are not separate. When you change one aspect of your body functioning, the rest will follow. It works both ways by the way. Good or bad. You are the one who chooses the direction.

When it is not too late to start cleansing your mind/body from stress, tension, anger, anxiety and other unpleasant and destructive feelings? Now is a good time. There is no time like now. It doesn’t matter how old are you, how much you weight and how happy you are with your looks. You don’t have to be a beauty queen or a famous movie star to start taking care of your skin from inside out.

Negative emotions (worry, anxiety, anger, fear, jealousy, greed, envy and others):

Increase inflammation

Weaken skin barrier (this leads to skin sensitivity, allergies, infections)

Weaken immune system

Restrict blood flow (this leads to dull complexion, lack of vibrancy, slower renewal)

Impede skin regeneration

Relaxation and Positive emotions (love, joy, contentment, passion, inspiration and others)

Stimulate regeneration and repair

Improve blood flow (brighter, more radiant look, more supple skin)

Relax tension wrinkles

Improve immune defense

There is no better and more important anti-aging skin remedy than the one you have inside your own head. Take charge of your thinking and watch your skin relax, renew and rejuvenate. The bonus effect? By relaxing your mind and releasing negative toxic feelings, you will start renewing, repairing and rebuilding your entire body.

This means that whatever goals and aspirations you have for the next 5 years, they are more likely to come true, simply because you are more likely to be alive, feeling well and enjoying a pain-free body.