According to scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA., hypnosis can change activity of our genes. It doesn’t mean it causes mutations or interferes in any way with normal functioning of the DNA.  Genes are blueprints from which our proteins are made. They also can regulate how much of a certain protein will be produced. Today we know that some substances and even activities that we engage in can change the activity of our genes, changing the amount of proteins produced. Some of these changes are positive and some are not.

Scientists used DNA microarrays to demonstrate that even a single session (1 hr) of therapeutic hypnosis changes gene expression. Recently, they established that these changes in gene expression may improve growth of stem cells, as well as reduce oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

Many changes in aging are associated with decreased in stem cell activity, increased oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.  For example, damage to collagen and elastin in our skin by free radicals leads to wrinkles while decreased stem cell activity impairs skin regeneration. Since hypnosis, as it seems, counteracts these changes, we may ask ourselves – what if we can trance ourselves into youth and beauty?

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