Grief is a profound and transformative experience that follows the loss of a loved one. It is not merely a fleeting emotion but a time of healing withdrawal, during which the whole energetic structure of a person is rearranged. The metaphor of the “river of love” flowing between beings highlights the deep emotional connection that exists between individuals, and how this connection is profoundly affected by loss.

When someone we love departs from our physical world, the river of love that once flowed to that person now finds itself pouring into a void. This emotional energy can feel blocked and closed off, leaving us in a state of emotional disarray. Simultaneously, the river of love that used to flow from the departed person to us seems to have vanished forever. The emptiness and strangeness of this time can be overwhelming.

During this period of grief, attempts to cheer or comfort someone may prove futile, as the healing process unfolds on its own terms. Healing begins when the emotional rivers find a way to flow again. This gradual restoration is a deeply personal and internal process that cannot be rushed or forced. It involves accepting and processing the pain of loss, as well as finding new ways to continue the connection with the departed loved one in a different form.

Spiritual healing in grief does not aim to suppress or eliminate the grief but rather to support individuals in delving deeper into their sacred space to fully process the significance of the loss. This approach acknowledges the importance of allowing grief to take its course, as it is a testament to the profound love shared with the departed.

Losing someone who played a central role in one’s life, with whom they were intertwined energetically for a long time, is a deeply impactful experience. It is unrealistic to expect people to simply move on and resume life as if nothing happened. The magnitude of the loss is too vast for the conscious mind to handle alone, which is why practices like meditation and hypnosis become essential tools for navigating grief.

In meditation and hypnosis, the mind can explore the profound mysteries of life and death, allowing it to process the emotions and find its own unique path to restoring the river of love. These practices create a safe space for individuals to delve into their feelings, gain insights, and gradually find solace and acceptance.

Grief is a journey, and everyone’s path is different. By providing support, compassion, and space for spiritual healing, we can assist those grieving to navigate this transformative time and eventually find peace within themselves, even as they carry the memory and love for the departed with them throughout life.