An elderly man walked into my office with his eyes downwards and his shoulders slumped.
“My doctor told me I have only two years to live. This is all I can think about.”
Ten years ago, I was just a beginner hypnotherapist. I didn’t know what to say.
So, I simply followed the protocol, as I was taught in my certification classes. I asked him, “If you walked out of this office, having accomplished exactly what you came here to accomplish, what it would be like?”
Then, after we’ve clarified his goals, I put him into a hypnotic trance and simply asked his unconscious mind to bring him all the wisdom and resources he needed to achieve it. Something told me that my fancy NLP techniques were not what he needed.
I will never forget how he opened his eyes and there was light in his eyes. He said, “I just talked to Jesus.”
“Jesus said to me, ‘Your doctor is very intelligent, but he is not God. How can he know how long you have. You may be gone tomorrow. You may be gone in a week. Or you can live for 10 more years. My question is, what are you going to do with the time you have?”
And the man said, “I instantly knew the answer. I want to live. I will live it fully.”
What struck me about the insight he had was that it was true on some fundamental level. It was not just a “positive thought.”
And that it was brutally honest. I would not dare to tell this man, “You may not have two years.” Yet, it turned out that this was what he needed to give himself a permission to live fully whatever length of life he had left.
As a hypnotist, I am not qualified to give people advice. I am not qualified to interpret their life experiences or diagnose them. I cannot even guarantee they get results. My job often is as simple as to put them in touch with a part of them which can see through the illusions and conditioning. This is what hypnosis does really well.
Logically, many people who deal with various life challenges – health issues, emotional pain, heartbreaks, life transitions, aging, building a new business, looking for a new job – know it is better to be optimistic, confident, creative, resilient. Right? Much better than being depressed, anxious, desperate, terrified, hopeless, frustrated etc.
But who and where went to the Wizardry and Witchery school to learn how to command his or her emotions? Who is that Wizard of Oz which can align one’s own brain, heart and gut?
Yet, within each and every one of us there are connections, there are resources and there are powers which can be accessed in hypnosis.
Many people who never went to see a hypnotist, are shocked when they learn that it is a relatively expensive professional service. This is because the profound and deep change is often achieved in one or a few sessions.
There are continental shifts in one’s consciousness, which often feel and seem as something a person did on their own and this is exactly what they are.
A hypnotherapist’s guidance is often so subtle, it is easy to forget.
So hypnotherapists basically sell you your own greatness and put you in touch with your own genius.
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