OLga-eyeYou heard about beauty sleep. Now, let’s talk about something much more powerful.

I don’t have to tell you, because you probably know this already, that stresses and negative emotions may wrinkle your skin and age your body. And you probably have already noticed that happiness, being in love or spending a week on a tropical island can magically transform your appearance making your skin look younger and more radiant.

As we now know thoughts and feeling do not just happen – they actually trigger certain chemicals in your body. So many career-oriented over- achieving women have to regularly inject nerve toxins into their skin just to get rid of those pesky frown lines on their foreheads and around their mouth.

Would it be wonderful if you could create positive, rejuvenating and wrinkle-relaxing feelings on demand?  What if you could trance yourself into beauty?

I have been working as a scientific adviser for the cosmetic industry for the last 15 years before becoming interested in hypnosis. The more I learned about skin biology, the more I realized how closely our mind and body are connected. You can worry yourself into premature aging and you can rejuvenate yourself with laughter and positive thoughts.

You suspected it all along, correct? I only confirmed what you already knew. If only positive attitude and relaxation were easy to achieve, right? In fact, it can be easier than you think.

You probably already heard about a health-promoting and stress-relieving effect of meditation. And it is possible that you even tried to meditate and do some relaxation exercises at home. How did it go? If you are one of those lucky and well-disciplined individuals who meditate on a regular basis and never forget to set aside some relaxation time, I envy you. To me it was always very difficult. The moment I sit and close my eyes, my mind begins to wander. Often, I end up going through a laundry list of unfinished chores… Arghhh! Not very relaxing!

Then I discovered NLP and hypnosis. Frankly, I first became fascinated with NLP, since it was a methodology that produced the most amazing changes in my speech and attitude. However, then I found a therapist who used both NLP and hypnosis and discovered how much I liked the feeling of going deep into trance. Next, I started my training and one thing you do when you train as an NLP practitioner and a hypnotherapist is experiencing hypnotic trance. I’ve been in trance so many times I lost count. And I realized I liked it!

Being a scientist I started asking myself, “Why being in trance is so enjoyable? Why it makes me feel so good? Why I feel like my whole body is re-charged after a good trance?”

Then I noticed something really fascinating as I observed many hypnotic demonstrations. People actually start looking younger after being in trance. You see fewer wrinkles, more smiles and more youthful glow.

As I pulled together my knowledge accumulated in my years as a scientific adviser for the beauty industry, I realized I knew the answer! Of course! The mind and the body are connected through neurochemicals! It is those wonder molecules that zoom through your body as you smile and laugh and experience happiness and being in love that transform your appearance. They smooth your wrinkles, they pump more blood through the capillaries and they harmonize your biological processes to help your skin appear younger.

You can achieve this effect by repeating good affirmations. You can achieve this effect by reading inspiring and heart-warming books. You can achieve this effect by allowing yourself relaxing on a massage table or meditating. And you can achieve it by letting your conscious mind wander away and going deeper into a relaxing trance.

It is my belief that regular relaxation, meditation, relaxing massage and a quality time spent with your family can make you appear younger and more beautiful. Trance is not a substitute for this, however, it can help you achieve relaxation quicker, and it can be especially helpful to those who have difficulties meditating or relaxing due to a general business of their thoughts or an inability to unwind.

If you continue thinking about business even on a massage table, you may be a good candidate for a beauty trance.

Aaaah. Just relax! Even deeper… Would you like to discover what going into a regular beauty trance can do for you?