When you decide working with me, I won’t ask you to fill many-page questionnaires.

We won’t be spending our sessions talking about your family – you probably are sick and tired of re-telling the same story.

I won’t add more labels to those you already have.

I won’t give you personality tests.

My expertise is to help you connect to the wisdom from the only person who can make the changes you desire – yes, your own self.

And I will show you how you can restore your lost spark by tapping into your own source of power.

If you are like most women, you have been taught to freely give away your life force without taking steps to replenish it. This is like giving away all your family wealth without putting anything back.

You were probably taught an American testosterone-fueled model of success, where you exchange your life force for material wealth and push forward without resting or recovering.
So here you are – stressed, exhausted, running on coffee and adrenaline, numbing your pain with sugar, alcohol and Netflix, buying random stuff on Amazon and tossing and turning in bed, staring in the ceiling, dreading the next day.

Is this success?!

Most people give their power away. Most people forget that their life force is their only true treasure.

Most people forget that when their life force is exhausted, life loses its luster.

This spark you think you lost. It comes from your life force. It’s ready to be reignited.

The simple truth is that no matter how much material wealth you accumulate, you still need you body.

You need vibrant senses. You need stable neurology. You need healthy and hungry digestive system (not diets and pills). And most importantly, you need energy – to enjoy whatever pleasures money can buy.

Feeling joy needs energy.

Being happy needs energy.

Making love needs energy.

Your soul needs energy to survive.

I was running myself into exhaustion and numbness.

I was fortunate to realize what I was doing, when I (quite by chance) started studying ancient technology for cultivating, nurturing and moving energy.

I was lucky to receive this treasured knowledge directly from the world’s most acclaimed expert on the Internal Energy Alchemy of the Tao, Master Mantak Chia.

He simplified it quite a bit. The original Taoist method was a life-long study with the master. It is very complicated.

Master Chia made it doable for a busy Western student.

I simplified it even further and made it doable for busy Western women, using my training in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programing as well as my understanding of modern science.
I distilled it down to just a few basic Qigong exercises, 4 beautiful and powerful energy moving meditations and essentials of Sexual Energy Alchemy Qigong.

Instead of studying it for years, before you can put it to practice, you can get it in 3-months.
This is what my 12-week private Emotional Alchemy of the Tao program is for.

It is a life-saving tools for those who are tired of therapy.

It is a different approach for individuals  who do not fit in the box and refuse to let various labels define them.

It is for you if you when you decide that you want to take your power back and learn how to work with your own physical energy.

It is also for people who want to start enjoying sound night sleep, be able to taste their food and feel their feelings.

These are not merely intellectual concepts. These are practical time- tested tools.

This is ancient secret knowledge adapted to modern use.

There are many books, videos and group programs out there. But I am a big believer in individual sessions, because no two minds are the same. 

I also use hypnosis to connect you to your own deep wisdom.

It is a very different approach based on energy healing and unconscious learning. It is not talk therapy and it is not coaching. It is you becoming a master of your own mind, you own body whisperer and your own expert on the most important subject – you.

Message me and let’s start a conversation. Or just get on my calendar bookwithAnna.com and schedule your free discovery session.