Once upon a time there was a gardener, who loved his beautiful garden, yet sometimes resented watering and feeding the plants. Long time ago, when he just became a gardener, he felt excited and enthusiastic about taking care of it, but as time passed and his initial passion faded, he started feeling trapped with all those chores. He started thinking about other dreams he wanted to pursue and wondered if he gave his garden too high priority. As the flowers kept wilting and demanded more attention, it became increasingly difficult for him to drag himself out of bed every morning to do his garden chores.

One day, when he was watering the plants and feeling even more resentful than usual, he suddenly noticed how with every watering can, the flowers looked more and more beautiful, glowing, smiling. And he suddenly realized how good it felt knowing that he had something to do with it, that he was responsible for these smiles and this glow. And he thought how much more enjoyment he can feel as his garden keeps blossoming and becoming even more beautiful and vibrant.

And ever since that day, the gardener kept finding more creative ways to take good care of his garden, taking great pride in how beautiful and vibrant his flowers looked. He found his passion rekindled, so he started leaping out of bed every morning to take care of his garden with great joy and enthusiasm. He also discovered that when he really was too busy or too tired to water the plants, his garden still looked beautiful and vibrant. With daily care, the plants developed deep roots and now had much more resilience. So, the gardener now had more freedom and more time to pursue his dreams, while still enjoying his beautiful garden.