How would you like to expand your consciousness without drugs or alcohol? Even though marijuana became legal in Washington state, would it be wonderful if you could achieve the same effect of altered state of consciousness without side effects?  Well, have you tried deep trance?

It may seem counter-logical to go deeper if you want to get high, but just think about Alice who fell into a rabbit hole and started falling down, down, down, even deeper, deeper still. Until she found herself in the Wonderland.

I like the deep trance experience. If in my everyday life I may step into some memory for a moment only to get caught in a whirlpool of busyness, in deep trance I experience it vividly, vibrantly with bright, life-like images and intense feelings. If in my everyday life I can imagine something for a second, only to lose it again among rapidly racing thoughts, in deep trance I can see it in 3D with rich colors. In a way it is like a dream, only it is a dream you can remember. A dream that often brings clarity and new learning, that allows deep transformation not possible on a logical level.

Sometimes people say, “I don’t know if I can go in a deep trance.” Well, it takes practice. It is like a muscle that you need to use regularly to develop a certain skill. But the more you do it, the more easy it becomes to let go of control and just go deep. Don’t give up too easily.

To me it now goes like this. First, I am still aware of everything and can hear my busy thoughts zooming inside my head. For example, I may think – “Will I go into trance this time? And if yes, how deep?” Then as my fellow hypnotist’s voice continue weaving its web of images, my attention turns inward and I stop noticing my body. And finally, this moment comes when I hover precariously over the edge, grasping for the last straws of control, just before letting go fully and completely.

I should confess, I have never tried marijuana. I don’t know if I ever will. Yet, I can understand the lure of altered state of mind, because we feel so trapped in our everyday reality, so disconnected from our true self. But what I like about going deep into trance beside traveling to another reality is the transformation (trance-formation). If you experience deep trance  often enough, you will feel as if many fragmented and distorted pieces of your personality slowly come together one by one until you feel whole, until you realize that no matter whatever surface flaws and imperfections you may still have, you are bigger and deeper than this – deep down in your unconscious there is a vast wonderland with its infinite resources awaiting its explorer.