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December 12st, 5 PM  PDT online

Emotional Eating: 5 Steps to Stop Eating Your Feelings and Start Building Healthy Relationship with Food.

Many women want to lose weight so they can feel confident and start enjoying their life again. But what if it is the other way around? What if we start with reducing the negative emotional overload and restoring fun, pleasure and joy of confident being? 

The truth is that worries, shame and a single-minded focus on one’s weight do not work. Many woman waste years of their life chasing an illusion of becoming worthy once they lose these extra pounds. What if you exit this hamster wheel of losing and gaining pounds? What if you decided to be happy now?

Join Dr. Anna Margolina, Ph.D., scientist, skin beauty expert, hypnotherapist and energy healer, as she guides you through her 5-step process to powerful embodiment and confidence. 

You will learn how to start enjoying your food again, move with pleasure and activate your body’s natural weight control mechanism without torturing yourself with dieting and strenuous exercises.

Start with good feelings, folllow with good food and you will discocver that the path toward a slimmer, stronger and more confident body will become much easier and much more enjoyable. 

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December 21st, 5 PM  PDT online

NO MORE WORRY WRINKLES: Look younger with hypnosis.

Learn how to look younger and more radiant by New Year.

Did you know that our skin expresses and experiences ALL our emotions.

Worry, excessive tension and persistent stress can age skin faster.

Learn how to help your skin relax naturally so you could enjoy a younger, smoother and more radiant complexion.

We will cover:

  • Skin anatomy and physiology
  • Basics of anti-aging methods in skin care
  • Natural vs. Artificial Skin Rejuvenation Methods
  • Stress and its Effects in Skin
  • How to relax deeply without alcohol or drugs of any kind
  • How negative emotions may lead to wrinkles
  • Simple meditations, visualization and self-hypnosis techniques for younger-looking and more radiant skin.
You will receive a Zoom link after registering.