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March 29th, 6 PM-7PM PST


Yoni power is the creative force stored in female reproductive organs.

Today many women have yoni eggs and there are many books and videos explaining their use.

Yet, many women think about yoni egg as a purely physical practice.

Not many women know that using yoni eggs it is possible to activate and awaken sacred feminine energy.

In the Taoist teachings, feminine energy was considered the most powerful creative force.

It was believed that feminine energy can be transformed into spiritual energy and further used for spiritual development, balancing emotions, healing, rejuvenating, inner confidence and power.

This workshop explains the essential practices for developing and cultivating sacred feminine energy.

The class will include meditation and special breathing exercises as well as introduction to Yoni egg practice (this part – theory only).

This empowering class is designed for women who want to understand, embrace and develop their sacred feminine spirituality as well as learn how to support their bodies through different stages of life.