​I recently completed my certification and now I proudly can call myself Master Hypnotist. 

As I was going through my training, I had a privilege to watch how people who study hypnosis were able to maintain optimism, radiant happiness and positive energy even when the wave of panic brought by the coronavirus pandemic started to rise around them.

​As I reflected on what was the source of their optimism and positivity,  I came up with a simple understanding of what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is surrendering defensive thinking to the magnificence of the creative genius.

Instead of accepting the victim role, trust and believe that we are the creators of our internal reality.

We can imagine ourselves getting ill, or we can imagine ourselves getting well.

​You may think, “I am not a creative genius. I failed my art class in school. I am not sure I can become a genius even if I try.” 

​The truth is that you do not have to become a genius, ​you already are. It is a question of letting it be.

In the absence of limiting thoughts, the creative genius is free to pour energy and resources into creating what we want to achieve.

As Elizabeth Gilbert once said, imagination is like a border collie. If we leave it unattended, it will find something to do, such as destroying your stash of toilet paper or chewing up slippers.

In a confinement of frightened thinking, our creative genius may start manifesting monsters.

Just think, if you believed that what you vividly imagine becomes an unconsious command for your creative genius, what ​would ​you rather focus your creative imagination on?

Today I am using my creative imagination to manifest happiness and radiant health. I take reasonable precautions. I take care of my immune system. I honor my body and its needs. And I wish myself well.

As my mentor Shelley said, “We are not healers, we are wellers.”

Wishing myself well is a special form of personal magic. It is infused with love and trust. It uplifts and elevates. It brings light to the soul even in the darkest hours of our life.

This is hypnosis to me.

​If you worry about social interaction, hypnosis can be done remotely​.

Hypnosis can also be self-administered. You can use self-hypnosis for which many resources are available.

If you want a quick free lesson in self-hypnosis, ​use BookwithAnna.com to schedule a call with me. ​

Hypnosis to me is a sacred art of creative and intentional thinking. Better than the wishing well, wishing yourself well.