​My Outdoor Hypnotherapy office fits nicely in my car trunk.

A bag with a soft blanket (washed after each session).

My zero-gravity chair – oh, so comfortable!

Rain canopy if needed.

What else I need – a beautiful healing nature place (today was just magical, I’m so pumped up), my mind, my heart, my spirit and all the healing tools which I do not need a bag to carry – they are all with me at all time.

When I see a client looking younger, more alive, more peaceful and more able to support people in her life with healing energy, my heart fills with joy.

I always wanted to be a good witch living in a small cottage in the forest. Now I heal people with forest energy.

My client asked me today, “Have you ever imagined you would be doing hypnosis outdoor?”

I said, “I never thoughts I’d be actually doing it, but deep inside I always wanted to do something like this.”

If you want to experience hypnosis outdoor, now is perfect. The summer is magical and nature is abundant with healing energy.Message me if you are ready to experience the magic.