There is a saying, an example of ambiguity, “Hypnotizing hypnotists can be tricky.” And yet, hypnotherapists are often the ones who never hesitate to ask a fellow hypnotherapist for a little help. My friend, an amazing, gifted hypnotherapist, posted a testimony on her blog about me. I still get moved to tears every time I hear that I was able to change someone’s life. Below is a fragment from her blog post.

“Regular therapy can go on for years. I have friends who can tell you every time they felt abandoned, where they were and why it was so painful. They have done years of traditional therapy and they still break out in a cold sweat when they arrive at the airport because they know in their heart of hearts their husband will have forgotten to come and get them. One even never lets him come, she’d rather pay for the shuttle service than deal with the anxiety attack she always gets as the plane start to circle the runway. Better to pay in money than in nerves. I too have had abandonment issues, and I assure you they got started by real abandonment but have gone on to different people, times and places and gotten stronger and less reality based as time has gone by.

Anna, my fellow practitioner, and colleague was able to help me. We practice new and old things on each other, getting better and sharper as we pick up things from one another. We do very different styles of therapy, but both work. In one session she cleared up 63 years of feeling immanent abandonment at every train, bus, plane or simply come get me at 3 situation. GONE!! I mean the first time I realized that I was very calmly getting ready to get off the train and had no doubt that Sharon, my daughter, would be right there waiting of me I almost reinstalled the damn problem by accident. Fortunately, my training kicked in, I did a very fast congratulatory Reframe, made a skidding turn away from that cliff edge and whew, triumphantly went into the main area and embraced the wonderful daughter who would never have even dreamed of not being there. She has always been there, and I have always tried to hide my worry from the border-guards who protect Canada from dangerous train passengers.

That is how NLP works. Very often one or two sessions wraps up life-long problems.”